About Merchant Reliance


Merchant Reliance, provides unique and unparallel processing solutions for hard-to-place and unconventional industry types. With over 25 years of industry experience, Merchant Reliance is able to service all business types, including adult, credit management, and travel-related merchants.

We support a myriad of clients, ranging from e-commerce start-ups to businesses processing tens of millions of dollars monthly at competitive rates. Merchants join the Merchant Reliance family due to challenges with their industry niche, credit history, and TMF/MATCH file issues.

Merchant Reliance’s state-of-the-art “chargeback prevention program” is just one of our technology programs that is pro-active and alerts our merchants about pending chargebacks. Our pro-activeness and systems help reduce chargebacks is just one of the many advantages of using Merchant Reliance as your high-risk merchant service provider.

Merchant Reliance’s solid banking relationships, both domestically and internationally ensure that our merchants have the most aggressive programs because of our direct relationships, vs. the majority of processors who are traditionally resellers, aggregators and brokers.

Merchant funding are typically within 48-hours and include reconciliation reports for cross-referencing. Gateway and processing banks include redundancy and fraud features to help ensure all forms of security and PCI Compliance are achieved.

Benefits offered by Merchant Reliance’s Non-Conventional Merchant Accounts

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